Has Houston learned nothing after Harvey?

Martina NerrantHouston

Copyright 2017: Houston ChronicleNovember 1, 2017 Updated: November 1, 2017 10:41pm

City Hall must reject the pre-Harvey status quo of paving over the floodplain.

Houston just faced our first major flooding test after Hurricane Harvey, and we nearly failed.

Buried in the City Council agenda on Wednesday was an ordinance to create a Municipal Utility District for a 151-acre housing development smack in the middle of the floodplain.

It is the sort of item that never should have appeared on the agenda in the first place.

Thanks to Houston Chronicle reporter Mike Morris and local advocacy groups like Residents Against Flooding and Save Buffalo Bayou, the scandalous MUD proposal was brought to public attention and referred back to the mayor for the time being. Were it not for media scrutiny and civic activism, this MUD, which was originally supported by District A Council Member Brenda Stardig, and the underlying master-planned community would have proceeded like any number of the oft-ignored issues that come before City Council.

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